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RHCC Opportunity Drawing

2023 Regis House Community Center Opportunity Drawing is NOW OPEN! $20 PER TICKET Grand prize is $2,000 cash Second place is $250 gift card to California Chicken Cafe DRAWING WILL BE FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2023 Please buy tickets before the 10th! Dear Juniors and Supporters, Imagine the transformative power of opportunity. In the heart of the inner city, Regis House Community Center has been that beacon of hope for our youth. Our mission is clear: to provide guidance, education, and a safe haven for the children of our community, empowering them to break free from the cycle of adversity. Today, we invite you to be part of something truly exceptional - an "Opportunity Drawing" fundraiser that will change lives, ignite dreams, and foster a brighter future. Every donation you make is a key to unlocking doors of potential for the young minds of our community. Here's how it works: For every contribution you provide, you will be entered into our exclusive drawing for a chance to win fabulous prizes and experiences. These prizes are not just rewards; they are symbols of your investment in the future. The Grand Prize Awaits: $2000.00 Cash Your support can make the difference between a future filled with opportunity or one mired in adversity. It's not just a donation; it's an investment in the hopes and dreams of our youth. Thank you for being a part of this journey to transform lives and uplift our community.